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Chuck Schumacher is an American martial arts and baseball instructor born in 1953. He is a native of Northern Minnesota. Chuck has traveled many paths in his life: professional musician, custom cabinet maker, baseball coach/instructor, martial artist and author. He and Lynn, his wife of 38 years, have raised two children, Shelley & Phillip. They moved to Franklin, TN in 1990, lived there for 32 years, and in 2022 relocated to Redondo Beach, Ca. Chuck spent 20 of those years in Tennessee as a volunteer coach. He has coached all age groups at the rec level, several competitive travel teams, and served as a Varsity baseball hitting coach. Teaching baseball and martial arts at his facility, Chucks Gym, Schumacher has become known for his ability as a youth coach, teaching not only the mechanics of baseball, but the mental approach as well. Chuck Schumacher’s longtime training in martial arts has resulted in an expert understanding of the movements of an athlete’s body. He has been applying this knowledge of movement while teaching the discipline of the mind not only in martial arts, but baseball. The main focus of his teaching and writing has been that mind, body and technique are “one,” meaning that all must be present to develop ones full potential. Coach Chuck's way of teaching young athletes to achieve their full potential has been influential for parents as well as other youth coaches. One of his main goals has been to educate parents and coaches of young athletes as to how they can best play their role so kids can enjoy the process of skill development while learning life lessons along the way.