MLB Pitcher handles heckler using Yin and Yang

While sitting in the dugout, Houston Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel recently dealt with an obnoxious heckler in a most excellent way. Instead of responding in anger, like so many people do when there is confrontation, Keuchel tossed the heckler a ball. On it, he had written this: "Thanks for helping pay my salary today - (heart) #60"

I Love it! By responding in this way, Keuchel took all power from the heckler by having the discipline to not get sucked into a negative conversation that leads nowhere except a possible negative outcome. If players would follow this example during the game (not likely in the big-leagues) when dealing with each other, they might find it easier to maintain their own focus, which is finding a way to win the game. Pitchers getting upset when a hitter admires his homerun before running the bases is one example. Yes, it's disrespectful when a hitter does this, but by confronting the hitter in anger, the pitcher is playing right into the hitters goal: getting into the pitchers head. By responding in anger, which many times starts a physical confrontation, the players remind us of two little boys, one of them saying, "You take that back or else!" - Being disrespectful by admiring his homerun instead of just lowering his head and running the bases is this hitters personal weakness; he lacks humility. The pitcher, by not responding, will leave the hitter with that weakness and it will eventually be their undoing. It is a losing way.

Keep your cool, and with a clear mind you will learn to respond to disrespectful people by defeating them or allowing them to defeat themselves. You may even earn their respect in the process. - A good lesson for young players. This is a winning way. ---- NINTAI (Patience, Perseverance, Endurance)