Not taking the shortcut, is the shortcut”

— Chuck Schumacher

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By Chuck Schumacher

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 “How to Play Baseball is more than a book about baseball. It’s also a philosophical book in which the qualities and the behaviors necessary to achieve excellence in baseball become a metaphor for all areas of life.” --- Garry Shandling



How to Play Baseball: A Parent’s Role in Their Child’s Journey is a toolbox full of valuable information for parents, coaches or anyone in a position of responsibility for young athletes. The lessons that are a part of every chapter are drawn from the extensive experience of the author, Chuck Schumacher, a lifelong martial artist and baseball trainer.

Anecdotes from Chuck Schumacher’s journey as a youth coach spanning twenty years are included, and offer an eye-opening look into the parent/child dynamic in youth sports. How emotions often over-rule common sense; how living vicariously through our children can be so harmful to the relationship between parent and child. And how, sometimes, these out-of-control emotions and expectations can become violent at a little league game, with our kids looking on.

How to Play Baseball is intended for parents, grandparents, coaches, or anyone who has an interest in helping kids develop into responsible adults through their chosen sport. It reads like a manuscript for life.